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I believe everyone wants to look in the mirror & truly see that you are at your best when you are “Authentically You”. True to your temperament & talents, your heart & soul, with a pinch of how to challenge yourself to grow every day, yet acclimate to the world we live in! This is part of a series I launched with a local yoga studio about the importance of authenticity in your reach for health & happiness.

-Everybody’s different, so choose changes in your daily routine that you can manage. No need for ultimatums & scare tactics, just small things whenever & wherever you can. I use these tips myself, & at a “certain age”, with a life full of lots of ups & downs, you can see they work!

-If you do nothing else this year-get soda out of your life. And before you say it, diet soda is even worse. You can drop 20 pounds in a year with just this small change! Wine with dinner is a much better alternative, relaxes you & keeps your digestion working properly. All “diet” or “light” products are full of processed chemicals that affect your body & your morale badly. If you can’t pronounce it & have never heard of it, don’t eat or drink it!

-We all can find 30 minutes a day to move it. You can stabilize & stimulate your metabolism if you do. Not to mention the endorphins, which can override most mood swings! If you know you can’t make it to the gym-find another way to incorporate-rather than farm it out, like walking your dog after dinner, or biking with a friend to keep you motivated.

-Try moving the times you eat heavier foods to earlier in the day: pasta at lunch, not dinner, & con yourself on smaller portions: if you can’t consciously cut the portion in half-use smaller plates & bowls…& my personal tip-talk often during the meal to encourage eating more slowly!

-Never “eliminate” things you love from your life, it doesn’t work. Just step it up to a better version. Examples: 2 dark chocolate squares, instead of milk chocolate candy bar, anything fresh instead of processed foods. I have lots some sample menu ideas I can share, & it helps to cook up stuff on Sundays. Do it with your kids & have fun while learning about making better choices. Learn to read food labels! What you want should be in the top 3 ingredients.

-Too much planning is just as overwhelming as none, but it always helps to get out of your home or office & do something once a week to treat yourself. Good people usually give away all their time & efforts. You need to establish boundaries so you can remember to take personal time for something fun, just for you: yoga, soccer or b-ball with the guys, massage or mani/pedi, lunch with a friend-it doesn’t matter as long as it’s purely pleasurable!

-Time management, along with setting boundaries is key to your well-being. Be realistic about what can & should be done, & fair about factoring in the things that will help you stay healthy & happy. You control this, & working with 90-minute windows should keep things fresh & productive. You can find tips on this in my Lifestyle Checklist, which is complimentary at

-I like having my face look good too, & can’t always afford expensive treatments. You can find all sorts of inexpensive tips & effective home remedies on my website, should you be of a mind to explore options! You can view my Video Demo~Beauty & The Beast! At

It’s up to you to make a change or two that trumpets to your entourage, that this new platform is non-negotiable & will always be a work in progress that you design. Taking care of yourself will benefit everyone in your life!

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Best, Concierge Jo-Anna~Communications Connector

PS-I’d love to help in any way I can. just sign up for tips, WhatsApp or Skype me @ Concierge Jo-Anna, or email me, & we can get going on your project wishlist!
Concierge Jo-Anna~Communications Connector

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