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Puttering is almost always associated with procrastination and lack of focus. Today’s bit is to inspire you to retrain your brain when thinking about puttering and see it for the productive tool it can be. Used conscientiously, much like your workout or meditation time, puttering allows your brain to drift without pressure, leaving a wide berth for new ideas to appear, creating the freedom to see things from a different perspective, and forging new neural pathways to keep you thinking outside the box.

Like everyone, I started puttering just to relax and distract myself from whatever tedium had come my way. I emptied closets, rearranged plants, furniture, everything else I came across, jotted down notes without having a specific to-do list in mind, and generally just let my thoughts and actions move in whatever way felt most comfortable.

I began to realize that while I thought I was aimlessly drifting about, ideas came to me about all sorts of reinvention, from the small to the impressive. So as not to overwhelm and lose the ability to work with this new concept, I began to see what reinvention I could manage and with what results, on just the smallest of the ideas that came to me while puttering.

Here are a few photos of objects seen from a new perspective in my reinvention experiment. My thoughts were simply to see what I could discover when I looked at unused items around my home & office a bit differently.

Incense Burner~Toothbrush Holder: Beautiful solution to something that’s unattractive. The brush dries completely on the stick stand, & the box is perforated, so no need to keep it open!

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Checkbook Cover~Smart Phone Case:Almost no one, including me, uses a checkbook anymore, but I had this beautiful black leather case, & it protects both from damage & theft, since it doesn’t look like a cellphone case!

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I have since acquired quite a collection of cool “new” things: onyx wineglasses have become translucent candle holders that diffuse light in a unique way, an old sea glass coaster, whose mate is long gone, is now a gorgeous soap dish, & so many more. Once you’ve trained yourself to systematically try to see things in a new & different way, you’ll find this works on bigger & bigger projects, & to your advantage. Those clients who won’t answer your calls? Try sending them a hand-written note instead. That colleague who systematically upstages you? Try complimenting their project, rather than bristling.Looking to quit your 9–5 & become an entrepreneur? What hobbies do you have that can successfully reinvent your career & revenue potential? Do people always tell you your photographs,biz cards,presentations,interior designs, sales & marketing ideas or smooth & soothing ways with people are awesome? Find ways to develop these talents, working on thinking differently about how you approach & utilize them. I’m betting you’ll find a way to build on them quickly, so you can safely segue to a more rewarding, reinvented life. Not sure how you want to build your “brand”? Try setting up a few wildly different composites, replete with colors,verbiage, images & videos you wouldn’t normally put together when thinking about your work, goods or services.You’ll be surprised at the effective elements that will pop up to help launch a dazzling new promotional campaign.

Compare Einstein’s ideas about insanity, doing the same thing over & over & expecting a different result, with the advantage of being able to retrain your brain to see things from different perspectives. You’ll find this technique provides you with new ideas on how to view & use objects, concepts, skills & opportunities, bringing a whole new range of possibilities that might work better for you.

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~TakeAway Bit~

Relax & start small to test this technique out. It’s half the fun & produces more imaginative results. And, flexibility is usually a learned attribute. But once acquired, like muscle memory, you can use it to peruse new realms of innovation you might not have noticed had you remained in the original mindset of what something or someone is or might be.Keep forging those new pathways!

Best, Concierge Jo-Anna

All Rights Reserved~Concierge Jo-Anna@Corporate Caretaking®

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