#stillnotscreaming #soldtheirsouls #metoo #she persisted #ousttheusurpers

We must show the country & the world, that we are the majority in America, & that the hideous hypocrisy of this administration must be voted out. They do not represent who we really are.

Concierge Jo-Anna

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Letter To Lyndsey

“I wasn’t sure originally , to whom I should address the video, but then I realized in the last few days that the most logical recipients would be Lindsey, & his colleagues. And I will not use the title senator,nor will I even use the title mister. That would indicate that I have a modicum of respect, and I have none.

I have not been a Republican for many years. I have not been a Christian for many years. Because I cannot fathom the hypocrisy, the hideousness, the racism, the bigotry,the sexism, the entitlement of these two sets of what used to be proper institutions, proper gatherings, proper groupings.
They are no longer. They don’t represent the country. They don’t represent women, people of color, anyone who’s been denigrated or victimized. They are cheats,thieves,liars, phony bullies who are intent on keeping their ill-gotten power.

They represent simply, the dying gasps of desperate good ‘ ole boys. Isn’t that an interesting choice of names for how people refer to you.? As if we knew all along and that the boys club is just a group of entitled little brats who stamp their feet, & throw temper tantrums,especially when they can’t have their way.

I was raised in a fairly privileged setting on Philadelphia’s Mainline. I was educated in private schools, summered in Europe, & basically left home at 15, because I thought the lifestyle was boring,entitled,insular,& not very interesting.

At 20,I was working for Chuck Tilbury, as a travel agent in the Beverly Hills Hotel. He used to call me the “little pistol”. One of many monikers, some flattering, some not, that I acquired in time, as women who have opinions and strong personalities often do. I was invited to a famous hotel in Las Vegas on a professional fam trip, & I invited my Mom to share the trip with me.

So let me give you an idea Lindsey, about how much you you don’t know what you’re talking about. Because you’ve never been dragged down a hallway on your back by your hair, where you can feel the blood trickling through your scalp, and the rug burns on the backs of your legs. You don’t know what it’s like to have a knife held at your throat. You don’t know what it’s like to have someone try to abuse you, rob you, or rape you you. You don’t know what it’s like to have someone try and stuff a sheet into your mouth because your screams were so loud, they were heard on four floors. And yet, no one came to help…

Still I remained calm enough, & still I did not scream when security finally came. I repeated my tale quietly and calmly, & watched in amazement, as nothing happened, & no one even tried to go after the attacker. I was invited professionally, I thought, & sharing a room with my Mom. Surely, something would be done.

It is a chilling memory to recall that someone in my own entourage actually said quietly “you know she used to date a black guy so you know,maybe”… leaving the sentence unfinished. It was clear he believed that my falling in love with a beautiful, brilliant, talented man who happened to be black, would of course mean that I might welcome the advances of a filthy,drunken, violent man who was also black. Wow.Hideously Impressive, but I guess that’s the way that insular people like you think.

But, until you have had a knee pressing on your sternum, & you can’t breathe, & believe you are going to die, Lindsey you need to be quiet. Because you quite simply don’t know what you’re talking about. You and your cohorts believe that temper tantrums over imagined conspiracies. and public accusations, justify a rabid rage, & hysterical commentary.

So then, what are we justified in doing? What’s the acceptable behavior for the survivors? Dr. Ford behaved so elegantly,& was so soft-spoken. She’s much more ladylike than I could have been, & justifiably,under those conditions. But I in my fashion, I retain my dignity as well, & we are still not screaming.

Lindsey I’m still not throwing a temper tantrum. Lindsey I’m still calm & dignified. I am not a victim. I am a survivor. And you your colleagues would not last a day in the shoes of most women. In the shoes of young black men. In the shoes of any person of color. You would not last. You and your cohorts have built lives around a precarious & false facade of delusional entitlement. & wouldn’t survive the grittiness of most people’s everyday experiences.

Most of the time, especially in these last few years, we’ve seen cheating, lying, stealing, bribing, bullying & constant corruption & subterfuge with smoke & mirrors. All the traits of true cowardice at the highest imaginable levels of our society.

Our history has been peppered with some dark moments, but we’ve always rebounded and done better as we learned from the past. This is the first time we’ve rebounded, and fallen to new lows.
At this point, watching that man postulating for a position on the Supreme Court, & again, I will not validate him by using even his name, blubber and blast his way through the hearings, I can only laugh bitterly at the ironic double standard. If a woman had done that, can you imagine? She would have been dismissed as hysterical,denigrated as a lunatic, ignored for lacking credibility.

How dare you? You would not last a day. And, we are still not screaming.

We are far more in numbers than you are and your colleagues. We are, with the Millennials being the biggest generation since the Boomers, people of color, & women, the majority in the United States.We will eventually oust the usurpers, because that’s what you are. People who have illegitimately twisted, upended & stolen things that do not belong to you, but to “We The People”. You have buried any moral compass, or vestige of ethics, as is clearly apparent, & which history will surely confirm.

I wanted to show you my x-ray, where you can see at the top,the magnificent work my spine surgeon did to repair the damage from my assault, & perhaps suggest you contact him. But then I realized so much of your spine is missing, that I don’t think even his genius could help you.

So I will say quite simply, I look forward with great pleasure to the day you & the other usurpers will be ousted from the offices you hold. The dying gasps of the good ‘ole boys, & their little club of pretentious pretenders, and elitist little brats.

We are far more in numbers than you are, & it might take a little more time, but we will get there. And you won’t leave in quiet dignity like Dr. Ford or any other authentic survivor, you’ll leave kicking and screaming for what you think is your right to control and dominate through whatever means necessary.

I can’t wait to see more of the true colors unmasked by you, your colleagues & the pretender to the Supreme Court, unmasked for all to see, as we exhale,& thank God you are finally gone.”

#stillnotscreaming #soldtheirsouls #metoo #she persisted #ousttheusurpers

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Best, Concierge Jo-Anna~Communications Connector

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Concierge Jo-Anna~Communications Connector

Originally published at www.bebee.com.

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