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Pandemic Potluck

Procrastinating? Project Tackling?Pleasure-Seeking?

Procrastinating? Everyone does it at one time or another. And we berate ourselves for being lazy or unproductive, lamenting our lack of focus & stick-to-itiveness.

I finally decided it wasn’t fair or constructive to keep looking at procrastination as the enemy, & decided to reframe how I think about it, & ways to use it to my advantage. I’ve found that puttering gives legitimacy to my procrastination, & even improves my surroundings-which in these times, can only help. The trick is to realize you’re procrastinating & why. That way, you can keep the “other” task on a back burner, but allow yourself a bit of respite.

Go ahead & indulge yourself while house-bound. I think you’ll find you can get a handle on procrastination that you’ll be able to use in helpful ways. Trust yourself. Be honest. Find the pattern & timeline that will work for you. Procrastination is personal. It manifests differently in people, so you’ll have to find your triggers & work from there.

Here’s an article I published on about the perks of puttering I discovered once I allowed myself the luxury of getting into my procrastination more mindfully:

Shhh…We all know it starts as procrastination, but as you putter away, you’ll discover interesting new ways to look at, use & enjoy whatever surrounds you!

Project Tackling? Most of us immediately set out to list a million projects we want to tackle. And of course, once the list is completed, we’re so overwhelmed we can’t even move.

I have always found lists to be terrific, but only if they’re manageable. Start with some smaller projects that won’t take too long to complete, & aren’t earth-shatteringly important. That will give you a feel for whether or not your projects are drafted feasibly. Details like the amount of time needed, potential costs, detriments-if any, & the benefits of completing the project, should all be part of your focus. It will help you find your project style.

Once you know how you tackle your projects, you can tweak the pros & cons that will increase & improve your ability to accomplish whatever is on your project wishlist. For example. I am very hyper, so I usually try to keep my project windows to 90-minute intervals. After that, I tend to lose focus or get uncomfortable being in the same position for too long. I break it up with lots of walks with my dog, some singing & dancing, & yoga. When I return to the project, I’ve gotten my 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) wind, & am refreshed enough to tackle another 90 minutes.

Here’s a post on Medium with lots of ideas for keeping your projects on track:

Tip-What time of the day or night have you found you do your best work? Start your projects during this time & you will increase your success rate a lot!

Pleasure-Seeking? I found it ironic & annoying that when surfing for images about pleasure-they were mostly listed as “guilty” or had decidedly sexual tones to them.

Do not fall for it! There’s an element of puritanism in our culture when it comes to hedonism, & it needs to be quashed consciously. If not, any indulgence in our pleasures is fraught with guilt, (& eventual punishment), secrecy, embarrassment, etc… This is a notion that’s got to be overridden, so we can realize that pleasure is a positive feeling. And if we are law-abiding, responsible folks, we should be able to reward ourselves without feeling awful. I’m not talking about bratty self-indulgence, but the simple acknowledgment that if we have assumed our responsibilities, we should be able to reward ourselves with whatever makes us happy.

There again, framing the concept that doesn’t mean indulging at someone else’s expense, or any other form of pleasure-seeking that would negatively affect others. But, if you’ve taken care of business, you should be calm & happy about your pleasure-seeking, whether it’s binge-watching the Game of Thrones, planning your next trip to foreign lands we can’t visit now, or a marathon fitness plan to keep you svelte & motivated. I cover lots of ways to hit your mark in this Medium article:

Nix the idea that pleasure should ever have the word “guilty” in front of it. If you know you are a good grown-up, go for it!

Everyone’s tunnel will look & feel a bit different. But, there is always a light at the end.

Be kind to yourself & others, & hopefully use this time in ways that will make a positive difference in your everyday!

Best, Concierge Jo-Anna

I’d love to help in any way I can. Just sign up for tips, or let’s video chat. You can also email me.

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