Milestones almost always catch you off guard with amazing & unexpected responses. It might be the birth of a baby, the death of a friend, losing your pet, being offered a challenging new position, losing the one you thought you’d keep, a recurring illness,an important birthday, a lawsuit…the list in a lifetime is endless, & unique to you, your experiences & emotions. It is a moment when you must stop what you’ve been doing, & ride the wave.

In the past few months, I hit a milestone, & the ensuing & necessary pause button. Out of shocked necessity, I found myself in a situation where I had to unexpectedly fight to protect & defend myself. Although it has sucked up all the resources of any kind; money,time,energy & resourcefulness, like any milestone, it has also made me realize what an incredibly remarkable life I have, & the precious appreciation for those who find me a kindred spirit, worthy of an ongoing communication.

My talented, creative, interesting & diverse cross-section of colleagues & friends are a gorgeous rainbow of Afro-American, Israeli, Russian, Chinese, Australian, French, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Egyptian, Dutch, Greek,Honduran, Mexican-American, & Brazilian~just to name a few. So lucky to have crossed paths with such a fantastic & varied group of people. What created a fresh, renewed awareness of all of them, & their unique perspective,were several recent encounters personally & professionally, with people claiming acceptance & appreciation of diversity, but when they actually encountered it, the odd,the different,the new, the unusual & the ever noticeable outside-the-box thinker, they responded with an aggressive mindset that is anything but receptive. I thank God for my stellar rainbow collection of cool people, all of whom live outside the box in one way or another. They have reminded me everyday that a delighted interest & an embracing of what’s uncommon, is not just lip service, but a creative & rewarding way of life. Being so besieged, I had been too preoccupied & unable to take the time to write, sing, or build my business. How valuable & unique the connections we make are, how we each mirror our own ambitions, ethics, humor & commitment. It has been a gift that has kept my pilot light burning, even when there’s been no time to cook anything!

It seems the perfect moment to invite you to draw me back into the world of creating anew. I am dying to get back into the marvelous exchanges I have always enjoyed with anyone I’ve established a rapport with~so much food for thought, & I am a gourmand at heart!

What can we do together? An outline for lifestyle changes that you can use to actually make them successful? A checklist for helping cope with being overwhelmed in tough times? A new sales,marketing or public relations campaign? Content copy for your blog or website? Editing and formatting that book you’ve been trying to put together? Great quotes & fables to illustrate your intentions for a presentation or meeting? A new column where your following can ask for & get great advice on personal & professional queries? A synopsis for a potential employer extolling your skills & talents? A jazzy event with fabulous entertainment? An inspired presentation that will catapult you to center stage in front of your desired audience?Or, perhaps your own, unique dream project that has yet to take shape?

My Rainbow Connections…. Artist~Writer~Musician~Parent~Traveller~Pet Lover~Environmentalist~Health Guru~Food & Wine Enthusiast~Internet Master~Lifestyle Maven~Entrepreneurial Biz Whiz~Get in touch & let’s create a new project together that you’ve had on a back burner, so we can both keep tap dancing-outside that box!

Best, Concierge Jo-Anna

~TakeAway Bit~

Hitting a milestone & the requisite pause button, whether by force or choice, leaves a reserve of new energy & sparkling ideas to kick-start the next adventure. I am ever grateful for the experience, the awareness it has given me, & the fabulous rainbow of connections I have made along the way that kept me inspired & moving ahead!

Special thanks to my oldest, dear friends, & my newer dear friends. For always applauding who I am personally, & remaining so loyal.

To Paul, Gary, Aly, Sarah & Vivian, my LinkedIn contingent~ for responding positively & warmly throughout our always interesting & informative exchanges.

…and to the Wizard~where would we be without the bells chiming & the sparks flying to keep us dreaming?

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All Rights Reserved~Concierge Jo-Anna @ Corporate Caretaking®

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