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So many of us, including me, often confuse the differences between these three possibilities, which can lead to unnecessary confusion, guilt or inertia. Take a look & explore what’s happening in your life. I hope the delineations will indeed provide a useful platform from which to spring forward!

Giving In~Realizing defeat, & deciding to retreat, & perhaps fight another day.

Giving Up~Sometimes needed for a greater good, even if it pains, & comes at a cost.

Letting Go~This is a subtle art form, neither giving in or up, but surrendering to what is clearly meant to be. It is uniquely mastered over time, does not leave guilt or shame, only exhilaration for what lies ahead.

Quote & Fable Bits

  • This is from a much longer series I have penned in the Quote & Fable genre. There really is an old tale that is still currently applicable, & can provide much needed food for thought, respite & hope! There are so many events in our everyday lives that we are eventually swamped by. Time is needed to reflect, review, revise & exhale… then move forward! I am always looking for new scenarios that might help us all navigate our ever-complicated lives.

Best, Concierge Jo-Anna~Communications Connector

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Concierge Jo-Anna~Communications Connectorm on April 4, 2018.

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