~Creating Your Unique Ambiance~

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In continuing our collaboration with Eastern Shore Yoga, our January “Authentically You” offering is all about creating the perfect space & ambiance, so you can be as positive & productive as possible!

Working on a new project, whether personal or professional, requires every advantage possible if you are to succeed & not sabotage your efforts. You’ll be surprised & delighted at the resulting ambiance a few environmental changes can make to help you achieve your goal. Here are a few easy tips to create an ambiance that lends itself readily to your comfort, inspiration & productivity.

~Color Magic: Your environment is so much more important than you realize, especially if you’re an entrepreneur working alone, either from home, or in a space that is uninspiring. There’s a reason why hospitals paint hallways & waiting rooms with that pale green shade, & why brothels use red! Color is an amazing, yet often overlooked, subtle change that can have remarkable effects on you, & how you move through your to-do list. Click here for a breakdown of colors & what they can do for you.

~Create A Space: If you haven’t already designated a special spot for developing your project, it is an absolute must! It predisposes you to take the project more seriously, & helps discipline your efforts every day once you move to that spot. Click here for an easy set up for a small home office that you can create quickly & cheaply, most likely, like me, from things gathering dust all over your home.

~Dress The Part: If your project is something physical, like a workout, gardening or other such manual project, make sure you consciously change & dress the part. Putting on the gear for business, pleasure, working out, or painting the spare room, psychologically sets the tone for you to get to it! Tip~ Don’t Skype, call or even write up a new post in your pajamas. You’re not taking advantage of the energy you can garner by just preparing properly.

~Make A List: Lists are really your best friend when working on a project, but only if you make them accessible & manageable! Put them in a form & place where you can readily get to them. And, make sure they are reasonable, not overwhelming, or you’ll sabotage yourself & quit far too soon. Here are a few list tips I’ve used that always work.

~Scent Promotes: Our sense of smell is more powerful than you realize, & can affect the motivation & energy involved in any area. If you’re sitting near the litter box, you will not be inspired to stay & create anything! Make sure the area where you’re working on your project smells terrific. Avail yourself of diffusers, potpourri, scented candles & my favorite~ aromatherapy. Click here for some ideas on different aromas & their potential impact on you.

~Mood Music: They don’t call it that for nothing! Music really does set the mood & create the atmosphere you’ll find inspiring. Whether you need a tension release, a meditative minute, a celebratory shout, or an energetic work-in-progress moment, the music you choose can really help launch your project & keep you motivated until you’ve gotten where you need to go. Speaking of a tension release, check out our BreakPax™ kits. They will be available this summer in a variety of themes that will jumpstart whatever you’re trying to tackle. And, you can invite a few friends with similar ideas, so you can harness all that collective energy!


Everything you include in your process of project development matters, so make the most advantageous choices you can to boost your chances to succeed! It’s easy to sabotage your brilliant ideas & good intentions, but with a little attention to detail, you’ll be ticking off your completed projects in no time. If you’ve got other tips, I’d love to hear them.

Best, Concierge Jo-Anna

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