Best Silent Partner

Lists are the dreaded threat & the unsung hero, depending on your experiences with them. Once you have a few key points in mind, they truly become the best silent partner you could ever have!

  1. ) Keep the list simple. When you complicate projects, they slow down & eventually grind to a halt.

2.) Keep it time-sensitive. Don’t start a project that’s open-ended. By the same token, don’t short change the amount of time needed. Either will waylay your project.

3.) Break it down into manageable elements. That way, if need be, you can carry over, without feeling you’ve defaulted. If you’ve given your list an honest effort, it’s okay not to be superman or woman all the time.

4.) Organize the items in a way you can profit from your best time in the day or night. I am a morning person, so I tackle the things I find most difficult for thing in the morning. That way, it’s out of the way when I am still at my most energetic.

5.) Build momentum~it builds morale & energy. As you tick things off your list, acknowledge your accomplishments. You’ll breath easier, stand taller & feel psyched & ready for more.

6.) Don’t be afraid to carry over elements. That’s why they’re broken down. Caveat~Don’t use this to procrastinate, or it becomes self-sabotaging.

7.) Be realistic. You know better than anyone who you are & how you function. Keep that in mind as you make up a list that will work for you, the way your partner should.

8.) Vary the projects among different categories. A bit of something in each domain of your lifestyle that’s important to you. Family,pets,business,etc…It makes you feel as though you’ve harnessed all your power! You can check out my “Lifestyle Checklist” for category ideas.

Here’s my list for last week:

  • Update my Portfolio Bits~add links to video scripts/sales letters/flyers/storyboards/webinar & onsite presentation notes, photography,etc...
  • Make sure Cosmo get his rabies shot before the end of the week.
  • Book Dee-Dee’s yoga class for Tuesday at 8:30am, & send info to Susan to join.
  • Check my blog: clean up & consolidate categories/update plugins & check all links for operational ease.
  • Send out: at least 10 pending press kit/sales letters for spring potential contacts(multi-medium work):local YMCA/Hemingway’s/Robert Morris Inn/Layton’s Chance/Ross Media/Evergreen Cove/Miles River Yacht Club/Soft Surroundings/Joe Gable(Sheriff’s Office)/Paul Kerr.
  • Follow up with current projects: Edible Arrangements/Chance And Associates/AWAI/Omni Agency/Dr.Z.
  • Fix crack (spackle/sand/paint) in kitchen wall near cabinets.
  • Make up donations for: local humane & goodwill shops.
  • Start research for birthday trip to the Amalfi & Cote D’Azur coasts.
  • Send link to my friend about PTSD & family support for our returning vets.
  • Try out lap swim at the YMCA to see if it’s viable on a weekly basis.
  • Film the 2 next pipeline videos: “Designing A Home Office” & “Best Silent Partner~The List”

~TakeAway Bit~

I also shoot for 90 minute windows, to keep supple both physically & mentally, gaining perspective as I note the importance of varying your priorities. Even if you don’t complete the whole list, if you mark down items that are concise & pertinent to you & your life, you’ll find that habits start to form & you’ll carry over less & less & get more & more done each week!

I actually made it through everything except the paint/spackle project & the vet trip. Both, because the weather was so bad & it’ll be easier when it’s warm & sunny.

Let me know your thoughts. I am available by email & Skype for help if you need me!

Best, Concierge Jo-Anna

All Rights Reserved~Concierge Jo-Anna @ Corporate Caretaking®

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Originally published at on April 8, 2015.

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