Hope To See Other Authors Soon-Elsewhere

I have been a member for several years. It has never been about generating income, although that would have been nice.

It’s always been about the sheer enjoyment I find in all forms of communication. I love to write, sing, dance, photograph, design, coach,& share information that might inform & inspire people.

As a lifelong nomad & eccentric, in every sense of the words, I must admit that submitting to anyone else’s set of rules makes me bristle. However, to get to all the places I’ve been, both literally & figuratively, a certain amount of acquiescence to the formalities is indeed necessary.

Alas, I’ve reached an insurmountable point with Medium.

Whether it’s Christian editors that won’t publish articles that have words like hedonism or pleasure in them, even when there’s no connection to anything unclean or immoral, to editors who’ve assumed they can be rude & invasive when it comes to a critique for minor missteps like a typo, or forgetting to credit someone with a photo.

Photo By Author!

I’ve seen people succumb to these mini-god complexes before, & it’s always my cue to exit the realm with dispatch.

But before I go, I did want to mention the amazing collection of authors I’ve met on Medium, who write everything & live all over the world. I hope you all will stay in touch elsewhere. You can find me on YouTube, LinkedIn, FB, & other spots I’ll be setting up.

Here’s my SplashPage, which will always have my current sites & contact info: https://mailchi.mp/56c81145060e/conciergejo-annacommunicationsconnector

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many cool & talented writers, & have had such pleasure discovering their works. But, Medium has overplayed its’ hand with me, & I am seeking other creative grounds.

Darrin Atkins Roz Warren Connie Song Liam Ireland Mike Alexander Robert Cormack Charlene Fate Riku Arikiri Agnes Louis John Ross This isn’t everyone, but each has inspired me with something they’ve written, or responded passionately to something I’ve penned.

Bon Voyage-Safe, Healthy & Happy Travels To All!

PS-It’ll take me a day or two to export what I need & close out my account. In the interim, as always, I’ll respond to everyone who reaches out.

Best, Concierge Jo-Anna

Here’s my splash page, with ideas that might be on your wishlist. Let me help turn those good ideas into great results!

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