Who Might Grow Up To Be Good Men

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It is well-known among child experts, that the adolescent brain is still developing until well after teenaged years, & as such, cannot be judged by adult parameters. Ergo, I apologize in advance, to all adolescent boys, who might mature into great men.

The differences in communication & coping skills differ greatly between boys & girls, too. Girls, when upset, tend to blame or harm themselves, whereas boys tend to lash out, both verbally & physically,as seen in the uptick in violence perpetrated by boys & young men everywhere, both online & in real life.

However, there are no such excuses or justifications for any abusive behavior in adults. And, where the tenets of civilized society have held these somewhat at bay, or at least embarrassingly attempted to cover up, with the recent current events, all bets & appropriate behavior are off & gone.

For me, the collection of the very recent visitors to the gaudy, gold lobby of Trump Tower are revelatory & chilling:

~Jim Brown-talented football player,well known in & around L.A. for beating his girlfriends regularly for decades.

~Steve Bannon-highly intelligent, white supremacist & misogynist believing women who don’t stay home & raise children are crazy, unattractive lesbians.

~Kanye West-successful rapper who grabs mics & berate winners, storms off stage cheating his paying fans, & suffers myriad delusions of grandeur.

~Jeff Sessions-Long time senator who racism is beyond measure & who is a chronic liar who does not even have the courage of his warped convictions.

Add to these, the dictators worldwide with whom the President Elect has a resemblance, and/or an affinity: Duterte,Assad & Putin. Not only confirmed murderers, but braggarts as well, with long lists of activities involving terror, deception, misogyny, narcissism, megalomaniacal tendencies as per instant gratification, & an ease in pathological personal & professional lying.

So, in our world today…if you have any talent, if you are physically bigger & stronger (literally or figuratively), if you have made a lot of money, if you have crafted a solid public persona, albeit completely falsified, if you have a high IQ…you are entitled to rape,steal,lie,cheat & bully everyone & everything.

These are the lessons America’s children are being taught, & the world is witnessing.

A cautionary word to the women who stand by & say nothing. Do you want to tell your daughters that they will never be as good as their brothers or husbands? That they are chattel to be used, forced into submission & discarded, even though their talents & skills are incredible? That they must stand & applaud a man who will grab their private parts & laugh about it, or worse,decide he is entitled to them at any moment, even when their intelligence,talents,compassion & achievements have, if compared fairly, far exceeded his under more difficult circumstances?

There is not a man on the planet who would last a day in any woman’s shoes, anywhere in the world. And the most incredible, accomplished men I have been honored to know…are the first to agree.

As for the men who stole, blackmailed, bribed or bullied their way to power is so many places, we must always & forever hold them accountable at all costs. And, do keep in mind the definition of “reckless endangerment”, something everyone in power that has been mentioned here is guilty of: “Reckless endangerment is a crime consisting of acts that create a substantial risk of serious physical injury to another person. The accused person isn’t required to intend the resulting or potential harm, but must have acted in a way that showed a disregard for the foreseeable consequences of the actions.”*UsLegal.com*

If God indeed, is the greatest Creator…do you truly believe he made half of the world’s population to be simply a man’s maid…really? Than why did he create so many of us with such incredibly impressive attributes? Giving women a unique capacity to be patient in assessment, to evaluate,negotiate & strike a fairer arrangement with a measure of emotional intelligence, & an ability to view the longer road & its consequences.

Why do we idolatrize men who procured their positions of the backs of others & at their expense? The “deals” I’ve witnessed made by these men, have all been the results of aggressive, destructive, & threatening tactics. Methinks that is not what God ever intended, but merely the opportunistic, self- aggrandized tactics of bullies who lash out in defensive fear at everyone who would disagree…or worse,anyone who sees them for who they really are, insecure, greedy,delusional,self-indulgent, bully/cowards who do not have the maturity,compassion,powers of extrapolation,focus, or impulse control of adolescent boys.

Concierge Jo-Anna

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