What You Choose To Do Every Day Really Matters

1.)is it you?-who you are matters, & it shows. take a good look at who you are when no one is watching-it’s enlightening.(do you need an audience to remind you to pick up your dog’s poop?)

2.)courage of conviction- do you do as you say? do you walk the walk? have you been willing to pay the price? there is always a gift by the door when building character,albeit the costs.

3.)joy travels-my motto is-bring joy, share joy, take joy with you. it works on so many levels! if you are really in a slump, work your way through it with sports,pets,meditation,nature, but don’t share, unless you truly need help. it is contagious & becomes the new reality.

4.)can i try that?- if you don’t bother to read that book, try that appetizer, start that conversation,or question that concept-you will never be who you could be.

5.)happy when useful-i make it a point to follow through on everything i possibly can. holding myself accountable whenever necessary.being useful is the best confidence builder i know of, & always adds something lovely to the world around me.

6.)but, it’s true-i have often been told not to tell all, )i talk a lot!),& have found that the truth always serves me well.in most cases, is the usually the right & just response, even though it is not always the easiest way to go.

7.)i can take it-my mantra to prepare for taking a hit when i take a chance.because i know if i shut down, i will miss so much of life’s pleasures. i know i have conquered some fears, & almost always gotten up to try again.

8.)kindred spirits-i seek, protect & indulge those who share similar values, & & have paid the price, or reaped the rewards for doing so. it’s a loyal community whose supportive foundation is needed now more than ever.

9.)i did it!-I have no regret wrinkles, because I always took the shot, kissed the stranger, went to work in another industry, moved to another country,etc…the wrinkles i do have are my proof of a life well-lived & enjoyed.

10.)dream on-without dreams, future plans, cool projects, we wither into routine, & cease using everything we have at our disposal to create a rich & rewarding life. be realistic, but keep a list of your dreams, & revisit,visualize & work toward them as often as possible.

each one of these concepts has contributed to my living a fuller life, & staying relatively sane, courageous & happy along the way!

best, concierge jo-anna~communications connector

ps-i’d love to help in any way i can. just sign up for tips, where you can access my gift, the “lifestyle checklist”,whatsapp or skype me @ concierge jo-anna, or email me, & we can get going on your project wishlist!

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